Viennoiserie / Pastries

Buttery, flaky pastry filled with Apple jam.

Delicious vegan blueberry croissant filled with a wonderful compote adding a burst of berry flavour.

Our sweet cinnamon swirls are delightful. Glazed and coated in cinnamon and drizzled with icing

Our Pain aux raisins are very delicate and beautiful raisin infused viennoiserie filled with pastry cream

Buttery, flaky pastry filled with cherry jam.

Buttery pastry and a dollop of sticky and sweet apricot jam with a half apricot sat in the middle.

Flaky, buttery and packed with a sweet almond filling

Made with velvety French butter for deliciously soft and light, flaky layers

A pure indulgent buttery pastry filled with milk, white and dark chocolate and topped with chocolate chips